The Virginia Whisky Experience Tour

The Virginia Whisky Experience Tour

Join us for the Virginia Whisky Experience to learn about the history of single malt whisky in Scotland, as well as in Virginia.  This one hour guided tour starts in our whisky museum, where we explore the origins of single malt whisky as well as why we chose Nelson County, Virginia as our home through a series of videos, panels and distilling artifacts.

Next, we move to the distillery, where we invite guests to see whisky-making in action! Various stages of production including milling, mashing, fermentation and distillation are explained in detail as we walk the production floor.

From there, we head to Cask House #1, and discuss our aging program for our whiskies, including an in-depth discussion of how our Virginia climate impacts maturation. An educational nosing and tasting is offered in the Cask House, giving guests an opportunity to learn more about the flavors and aromas of our whisky.

Finally, for those electing to sample cocktails, we head to the Visitors Center for a tasting of our seasonally-inspired cocktails. The menu changes monthly, allowing us to focus on the flavors of the season. Enjoy relaxing on the wrap around porch or stone patio in warmer months, or hanging out by the fireplace during colder months.

Tours are offered daily and may be booked online. A variety of tasting options may be selected at the time of booking. Still have questions? Email for more information.