Virginia Highland Malt Whisky
July 22, 2016

Virginia Distillery Company, located amongst the Blue Ridge Mountains in Nelson County, Virginia, is home to their current product, the “Virginia Highland Malt”. It’s an aged malt whisky which is brought over from Scotland, and then cask-finished in Virginia port-style wine barrels for an additional 6 to 12 months to add nuances of dried fruit, toffee and dark cocoa.

Combine malted barley direct from the UK, water from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, and a state-of-the-art facility with equipment from Scotland and you’ll get yourself a delightful dram of Virginia Single Malt, the distilleries signature whisky that is set to be released in three to six years time!

Initial Thoughts

The Virginia Highland malt bottle is quite impressive, it stands taller than most whisky bottles and features a thick glass bottom that gives it more weight and a great feeling in the hands. The label has a soft grainy feel of luxury and matches the cap cover well in color. To top the labeling off they have added a Virginia Distillery Company seal mid-bottle, which is a nice touch. If you’re a lover of graphic design, you’re sure to appreciate the color palette and fonts featured.

Our “4-Step”Review

Deep in color with dark brown and reddish tones.

We greatly enjoyed nosing this whisky using our standard “4 sniff” process.

Sniff 1 – we used this one to adjust our noses to the alcohol
Sniff 2 – rich dark chocolate covered cherries, with a hint of toffee
Sniff 3 – light smokiness, more rich berries and cocoa
Sniff 4 – red dessert wine, rich with a subtle sweetness

On the Palate
It’s really smooth and robust, more chocolate / cocoa notes mixed with rich cherry, well balanced and easy to enjoy.

The Finish
Full, long, and smooth finish with very little alcohol burn, especially for a 92 proof whisky! Flavors continued to expand and tapered off leaving a pleasant sensation.

Final Thoughts
We plan to enjoy this whisky again and again! The rich flavors and smoothness make it a great choice for any occasion. After trying it neat, with a few drops of water, and on the rocks, we recommend drinking it neat with a few drops of water – simply delicious – Cheers!

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