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Virginia Highland Malt Whisky

We’re proud to introduce our newest whisky – Virginia Highland Malt. It showcases our dedication to crafting quality whisky. Always authentic. Always a pleasure to drink.

This whisky appeals to devoted Scotch and single malt drinkers and invites bourbon drinkers to look at malt whisky in a new way.

We started by acquiring an aged, vatted Highland malt from Scotland, already complex and luscious with acacia honey and ginger notes. To enhance its quality and to give it the taste of our Commonwealth, we then finished it in French oak wine barrels used to age Virginia port-style wine at a vineyard a few miles from our distillery.

The months spent in the port-style wine barrels added notes of dark chocolate and raspberry jam on biscuits (the kind we make in Virginia; not the ones served with tea in England). In addition, it transformed the whisky from the color of chardonnay to a deep, copper color.

This whisky is a pleasure to sip neat or with a splash of water. It’s also great with cocktails. It’s proof (92) is sufficiently high not to get lost with mixers and its complexity invites some great combinations.  We’re sure the most serious whisky drinker will agree!



Tasting notes

Nose - Bright with notes of cinnamon, honeysuckle, raisins and a hint of toffee

Palate - Rich mouthfeel opening with layers of acacia honey, prunes, dark chocolate and biscuits with raspberry jam. The finish is graceful with wisps of smoke, cloves and white pepper.

While we’re working with our distributors to get Virginia Highland Malt in stores, you can still get an early bottle through:

Schneider's of Capitol Hill